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FORD Fiesta 2006-08

Models: LX AUTO & XR4 3 Door Manual

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Ford Fiesta WQ 2006-08

The WQ Ford Fiesta was the update to the WP, which was the first Fiesta to be sold small call to have the new Fiesta name badge sold here in Australia. This car saw the first of the new Euro designed vehicles that Ford Australia would offer, moving away from the previous full Mazda/Japanese partnership of the past and into the new world of Ford Global designed vehicles.

There are a number of different models, engine combinations and body shapes available in the range. From 3 door to 5, auto/manual, turbo diesel and from 1.4L to 2.0L petrol engines on the market. The 2 versions I have been driving are the 2008 1.6L 4 Speed AUTO LX 5 Door and the 2007 XR4 5 Speed Manual 2.0L 3 Door.

Things to look out for when buying any of this Fiesta model:

  • Check to see if the boot release works on the keyless entry remote and also if it open from the button on the dash, this is a common item that can fail. It’s not an expensive fix, but it can be annoying to find after you have bought.
  • Check the radio as it is a common thing to fail. If it doesn’t work you can use that as a negotiation point when talking about price.
  • Check all the power windows work (if fitted). It sound like a simple fix, but a new power window motor is not cheap.
  • With the XR4 if it has the factory fitted 11 Spoke Alloy wheels still on the vehicle, check to see if it still has the Ford badged centre caps, they commonly fall off and they are about a $100 each to replace if you ever want to do so (most will have them missing, it’s not really a big deal but just keep that in the back of your mind when looking at one).
  • As these vehicle are at the 10 year mark now, finding them in the bigger name brand dealership is going to be tricky unless they are a very low km car. Smaller dealers are going to stock them and also there are a number of them on the private market.

Model: LX AUTO


  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Smooth and extremely well handling


  • Lack of USB input
  • Maybe small for bigger family

These little cars are really good looking , well styled, simple yet not dull and boring. The only downside to the LX is that they are lacking Alloy wheels and USB input (none of this series has USB input, that will not show up until the WT and then only on the high spec model). These cars are really well-built and the materials used hold up really well to the test of time and our conditions. From all the ones I have seen, the only problems I have noticed is that radio can be quick to fail. However, a new radio/CD player is cheap to buy (you wouldn’t bother trying to repair the old one) and this could also solve the lack of USB input as well.

Interior space is great in the front, the boot is of a good size for a vehicle in this class, and the rear seats can be a little shy of leg room, depending on the amount of leg room that is needed in the front. Also, the rear seats would be a bit squishy for three full-sized adults, bearable for a short trip but not fun for a long distance. This will be ideal for couples or a small family with young kids as the back-seat passengers may feel cramped in the back.

The drive itself is very smooth and the vehicle handles extremely well, perfect for around town and zipping through shopping centres. Fuel economy is also very low, I was averaging around the 6.5L/100KM around town (running 98 fuel). The tank is only 45L but as the economy is so good, so you will only be filling up once every week or two depending on the number of kms you drive. It won’t break the bank filling it even if you do use the 98 like I do and recommend on any car.

XR4 3 Door Manual


  • Fun Little car for young singles


  • Only in 3 doors. May not be ideal for family 

The XR4 version is the model if you want something a little different and a little special.

They are only available in Manual and 3 Door, standard options include: Bluetooth for Phone calls, Alloy Wheels, Bucket seats, AUX input and traction control.

They also have the upgraded 2.0L 4CLY motor out of the bigger Ford Focus, upgraded suspension package and most times with the over car strip package. This is a really great little car, the bigger motor really sets this car apart, and that matched with the better suspension makes it a great car to drive and a lot of fun.

Best suit a single person though, as only being available in 3 door getting people in and out of the back seats could get annoying not to mention trying to get kids in car seats in and out. The layout of all the Fiesta’s in this range is well thought out, and it really is magnified in the XR4.

If you’re driving it to have fun, which you will want to do any chance you get, having all the important controls close at hand is very well received. The other advantage to the bigger motor is that you barely notice any loss in drive power when using the air conditioning, this is usually the downside to small cars, once the air is on there is a noticeable drop in power, not so in the XR4. The manual gearbox is perfect, and the short shift throw makes changing gears a breeze. The gear length also means that it will sit in 4th gear at 60km/h very comfortably which really helps with the fuel economy.

Fuel burn is up a little with the bigger motor of course but you are still getting under 8L/100KM around town, 98 fuel is recommended by Ford for this car but once again it only has the 45L tank so filling up is not an overly expensive trip. The particular vehicle I have been driving was a 2007 with 100000km on the clock, full service history and a very well looked after vehicle by the past owner/owners.

By Graham Johnston

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